Explore Data. Visualize. Act.

Turning data into information shouldn't be hard, it should be easy and fun. The Saiku project is all about creating tools that are easy-to-use by anyone who wants to crunch numbers, visualize information, gain insight from data and act on it.



A rich drag and drop based user
interface allows you to easily
define and manipulate your queries.


Saiku's user interface feels just
right and makes it fun to play
with your data.


Understand your data
quickly by using rich,
clear-cut visualizations.


Apache licensed software
giving you ultimate flexibility with your
customisations and deployments.


Saiku Development

We are always trying to improve Saiku, for more information about future releases checkout the documentation/roadmap page. If there are features you would like to see in Saiku please tell us.

If there are features you need in Saiku we can develop them for you. If you are happy for the features to be added to the core product we can offer reduced rates to do the development.

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Saiku Integration

Are you considering integrating analytics into your application or website? We can help you to seamlessly integrate Saiku into 3rd party applications, websites and intranets.

Adding powerful analytics can improve your user experience, reduce support requests and provide a competitive edge. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Saiku in the Cloud

Saiku is available in Meteorite Cloud. Meteorite Cloud is a unique flexible hosted BI environment, which allows you to choose from a range of cloud providers, select the most appropriate software technologies from a range of vendors and use the solution only when you require it.

Using Meteorite Cloud removes the need to buy and provision servers, install software and manage the hardware. Meteorite Cloud does it for you for a set subscription fee.

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Are you tired of Business Intelligence tools that are hard to use and make it difficult to gain insight?

We believe turning numbers into information shouldn't be hard, it should be easy and fun.

That is why we created the Saiku movement - it is all about creating tools that are easy-to-use and help you gain insight from your data.

Saiku solutions are developed by Meteorite BI and are used by a large, rapidly growing global community.