Mondrian In Action Released

The news all Mondrian fan has been waiting for (apart from Mondrian 4 going GA) has finally arrived, Mondrian in Action by Bill Back, Nick Goodman and Julian Hyde has been completed. This book is an excellent tutorial to all things Mondrian, and a great starter guide for anyone wanting to get a head start on Mondrian 4!

The book details some ideas behind data warehouse(mart) design, Mondrian schema design, Mondrian roles for security, performance tuning, dynamic security and the various OLAP tools designed to run with Mondrian.

We of course love the guys who wrote the book as they use Saiku all over the place, but regardless of your OLAP tool of choice go and buy this book from Manning and help make it worth the authors while!


(Oh and if you want to try Saiku with Mondrian 4 we have a nightly build running as we shall be moving over to Mondrian 4 as standard very soon)


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Posted On: 27/08/2013

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